The CoCreate Approach

CoCreations Construction and Design is a full service Contracting and Design firm specializing in new custom construction, additions, kitchen & bathroom renovations and overall any major home remodels.


Your friendly local kitchen remodeling contractor will work with you every step of the way to make sure you love your new space. We have years of experience, great reviews, and stunning project photos. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Architectural Design - CoCreations Homes - Walkthrough 2021

CoCreations in Durham, NC gives you a walkthrough of a day in the life of an Architectural Designer and what type of work they do. Watch as Isabelle gives you a glimpse into her day as an architectural designer!

Renovation Idea For Your Home | Renovating A Back Porch Into A Living Room Extension

In this video, Amy walks us through a current renovation project of ours where the client is turning their back porch into an extension of their living room. This renovation opens up their living room and helps the house flow seamlessly together. Our client found temporary housing while we do this renovation which enables us to be more efficient in completing the project in a timely manner.

NEW Custom Home Tour - Custom Home Ideas - Custom Home Interior Design

Andrea and Ana take you on a NEW custom home tour to give you the best ideas for your new home. Building a new home takes a lot of planning so having the best custom home ideas and knowing how to build a custom home the right way will give you the best look and feel with a finished product. Custom interior design for new homes or existing homes is one of the specialities of CoCreations Design & Construction

How to Save Money Renovating - Renovating On A Budget - Renovating for Cheap

Today we're talking about how to save money renovating and how to remodel for cheap. Remodel costs can rack up when you start a home renovation project.

Renovating is expensive. Just a kitchen renovation can run as high as $100,000, so whether you're planning to redo a single room or the whole kit and caboodle, it's going to require some serious investment.

The good news is, with the proper planning, preparation, and knowledge, you can ensure you're getting the most out of your money—and prevent things from going over-budget.

Just as every homeowner has a different style, every homeowner has a unique way of living in their home. So when determining your budget, you want to be sure you're envisioning the ways you use your space (not the way it will look on Pinterest), down to the most mundane details.

Kitchen Remodel Before and After - NEW Kitchen Remodel - Kitchen Remodel Process

Ana and Andrea show you a kitchen remodel before and after in this NEW kitchen remodel process from 2021. The kitchen remodel process is more than just replacing appliances - Ana and Andrea will explain the thought process behind remodeling a kitchen and what you need to know when remodeling a kitchen.

CoCreations Construction & Design specializes in transforming your home and space in unique and functional ways. The kitchen remodel is a huge part of our clients home renovation projects. We are very excited to talk about some of this fun Kitchen Design Trends I have been seeing pop up left and right. Here are my top 10 Kitchen Design Trends 2021! An absolute must watch video if you are working on your kitchen design & upcoming remodel. I hope you can find fun inspiration in my tips and curation of example pictures.